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Hi, my name is Dawn Derrien and I am a multifaceted creative from Central Alberta.

My professional background is in events and marketing. I began my career as a floral designer which led into the wedding and events industry. I have a degree in marketing and combining the two has proved to be rewarding, curating different functions for community events as well as fundraisers.


Art is my passion. I have been painting and experimenting with anything creative since I was a little girl. I am mostly a self taught artist, attending classes and workshop when available, but mostly just playing around with whatever art supplies I can get my hands on. 

My Medium of choice is mixed media. I love the freedom of adding anything I wish and love being limited to only my imagination and you will often see completely obscure found objects in my artwork. I tend to lean more on the natural side of things by incorporating bark, moss or concrete and painting subject matter that is more organic in nature. 

For more on my art, please visit my portfolio, or check out my social media accounts. 

Reiki is the most recent addition to the resume. On my quest for spiritual growth I discovered the healing properties of reiki. Allow me to come to you, or visit me in my home for a one on one treatment.