Expect the Unexpected; Painting with cars

The other day I decided to change things up an explore the realm of process art with my 17 month old. Of course, I'm always looking for new ways to create with my children, however, I obviously cannot expect my little guy to follow complicated directions. The only solution was to get extra creative and find fun ways to engage him. What did we do? We took foam core board and raised it up so that is was on an angle.

Next, I mixed different colors of tempera paint in a thick base. I prefer the powder stuff over the liquid as it gives me the flexibility of mixing it to different thickness depending on the project. I also put a drop or two of dish soap, just to help with the cleanup.

Finally we gathered as many non-battery operated cars, trucks and motorcycles we could find to send down the ramp! And voila, we drove them down the foam core after we dipped them in paint.

He seriously thought this was the coolest activity of the day, and even a few days after we (I say we as if he had any influence in the decision process) decided to potato stamp. After a little while of playing with the potatoes, guess what he went to get? You guessed it, CARS.


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