Time Well Spent

"Where do you find the time?" This is one question that is always being asked of me. To which I usually just shrug and give a sheepish smile and say "I'm not sure". I never really thought about it even though I'm asked this quite a lot. Raising 4 kids, running to sporting activities, volunteering for community groups and still managing to run a business takes some serious time management skills.

Except the last time it was asked my stepmother was present. And this time she was the one who answered. "She just does. When it's what you love you make it a priority" and this statement is 100% absolutely true! You find ways to squeeze it into your life. And I guess through my example, my children learn to appreciate the beauty of art and self expression. They paint with me on most days and create their own works of art on their own canvases, the little one only gets water, but he thinks he's something special. It is music to my ears when I hear them say "look mommy, I tried to do what you were doing".

As for inspiration, this can come from anywhere. I quite often will get a color scheme from watching a sunset while I'm driving home. Or it could be from watching for shapes in the clouds or in the shadows. It's absolutely amazing some of the things you can see when you keep your eyes open. And I am compelled to get it out! I love layering with texture, and paint and found objects from nature that most people would walk past without a second glance.

I guess what I'm trying to say is life is busy. In my opinion it really doesn't matter who's life it is, we all have our own responsibilities and we all have the same 24 hours in a day. The real question is HOW do you spend yours? Are you rushing through it to get to the next point, always living for the future. Do you spend your time wondering what could have been if only... Or do you take advantages of those moments driving home to really absorb that beautiful sunset, embedding the colors in your mind like a snapshot. Do you take advantage of a half an hour and create some free time to create? Do you live for now, and do you live for what you love? I probably don't some of the time, but I think I would have to say I do a pretty good job of doing it most of the time.

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