Updated: Mar 13, 2019

The word for the week is surrender. It is a word that keeps popping up for me and one that I have set as my intention. Originally, my word for 2019 was Abundance: Saying yes to feeling loved and valued and whole. And as I explore this term I begin to learn more about myself and those around me.

The first lesson learned is that different people will show you that you are valued differently than maybe you would even see as being valued. For example, shortly after I decided on this being my code word for 2019, my oldest daughter called me up needing my help. This would normally be the norm, only this time she was at her father's for the weekend. In my head I was annoyed and frustrated and instantly felt used, first that her father could NOT handle it, but also it was my responsibility to fix the problem. Not that I was annoyed with my daughter, but that I was annoyed by her father because I had to pick up his responsibilities. Suddenly I had a shift. Instead of looking at this as a pain in the patoot, I viewed it as being valued and loved. I am her mother and not only does she trust me to help her in any situation, I am the person she turns to when she needs someone. Suddenly I was valued. This is HOW she shows me that she loves and values me. Being needed is not something to be shunned away, but rather something to be embraced to attract abundance, to be loved and valued. Did it really matter who's responsibility is was supposed (key word) to be as long as they were cared for and loved. I learned to surrender.

The second lesson is surrender. This is such an amazing lesson to learn. To trust that there's more to this world than just yourself. In order to truly be able to attract abundance, one must surrender. Surrender to the powers of the universe. To soften your heart.

During a creative endeavor with one of my friends, she was painting with the kids and showing them different techniques to manipulate the flow of ink and paint. One tip she gave them was not to push, but to gently show the paint a path and have the paint follow.

What happens when we try to push the paint? It refuses to flow. It becomes stagnant and will (resiliently) only go where the brush pushes it. However if we choose to lead the paint in a fluid dance, the paint follows and creates a beautiful marriage between what you want and what it is. You surrender the power to control and instead, choose to gently guide instead. I often think about this experience as a metaphor for relationships and life. If we try to bulldog our way through life we often experience resistance. However if we gracefully flow, or surrender, life flows, and best of all relationships flow and flourish and suddenly there is the ability to create something beautiful.

The simple trick to abundance is the ability to surrender. And as explore this word and this intention, I will most likely discover greater growth and insight. At least, I hope so.

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