The Dandelion; a discovery of self worth

After a stressful morning, I decided to take some time and meditate on self worth and value. As I started my session, I moved my hands towards my heart center to perform a little loving reiki on myself. It was at this moment that an image of a dandelion came into my mind and my eyes began to flood. Suddenly I got it. Another person’s opinion does not add value to yourself. One’s value is not dependent on what anyone thinks of you.

Take a dandelion for example. This little guy is nature’s blessing. It helps fix the soil by bringing up nutrients from deep down with it’s taproot. It has plenty of nutrients and is extremely nutritious. It has healing properties and cleansing properties and the list goes on. But yet almost the entire world hates it.

My heart breaks for this little weed. It has so much value to offer the world, yet the world rejects it and tries to eliminate it. Yes, it’s loud; and bossy and has a tendency to try to take over. I have a few close friends like that; but when we look at what this plant can offer us, we are shocked to discover how much value it actually has.

What this has shown me was that the dandelion’s value is not reduced because of other people’s opinions. The dandelion still has all the benefits that it always has. People are missing out by not seeing the worth in it, how much value it CAN actually offer us.

And why do we have a higher opinion of the petunia (or dahlia, or begonia) when in actual fact they really offer us very little value other than superficial benefits. Is it because they are easily controlled?

This is when self worth and value really became apparent to me. How something can have so much to offer and how those gifts are still valuable, regardless of what others may think. That seeing something’s worth is very subjective, that having value isn’t, and what others may think is simply their opinion.

We still contain all the gifts we always have and will, regardless of what they think. People will have their opinions. The majority of the time they are based on very little to do with what you actually have to offer and more to do with what they want from you.

Most of the time it is easy to say that other people’s opinions do not matter, but every now and again, sometimes, certain individuals make an impact on us. These might be a partner, parent or loved one. And those opinions DO matter. Sometimes a disagreement affects us in negative ways. Sometimes we spend a lifetime proving ourselves and living up to the opinions of the very ones that we love and love us back. And often times, how we THINK they see us is actually different than how they do. Relationships are funny that way.

I think it is very important not to base your self worth around these opinions, especially these opinions, because they DO have such an impact in our lives. Since these opinions have the potential to impact so strongly, it is especially important to keep a check of what benefits/qualities you do offer. At the end of the day, it is simply their opinion of how you benefit them and what they feel is important and not actually about what is special and unique about you. Just look at the dandelion.

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